Gabriele Oswald Project Management Office

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Program Manager
Agricultural Engineering

Program Manager Agricultural Engineering

Global medium-sized family business in agricultural engineering

Board of Directors

Program Manager for group-wide projects

8 months

~20 projects/ 4 locations

Achievement of objectives
Introduction of Program Management for group-wide projects


In the E&E area (electrics/electronics), products that are used throughout the Group were previously developed and managed on a decentralized basis. As part of a strategic change project, program management was introduced and the execution of projects standardized.

As part of this assignment, the program “Displays, Machine Terminal and Autonomous GPS-supported Driving” was managed. In addition to the development and introduction of the program management, parts of the management including the technical board and the project managers had to be advised and coached. This strategic change project represented the preparation for a successful spin-off of these projects into a separate corporate unit.

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