Gabriele Oswald Project Management Office

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German Tier1/German OEM

R&D Management

Project Manager

22 months

~20 employees / 3 locations

Development of an innovative product in the field of powertrain


A German Tier1 has developed an innovative, fast-shifting transmission concept for high-performance transmissions in the sports car sector as a system supplier and integration partner. With the development of the new transmission generation, solutions for an integrated safety concept in the transmission area and an evaluation for non-contact sensor technology in the automotive area had to be developed for the first time as part of the new more complex and more powerful control system. Under the leadership of Thomas Schmidt, a safety system for a transmission control system was developed for the first time in cooperation between all the companies involved (BMW, Ford, Getrag, Sachs, SiemensVDO). The project went smoothly, all technical challenges were solved and all deadlines were met. The product went into series production on schedule in accordance with the technical and quality requirements, thus setting the basis for a long-term partnership and a large number of follow-up orders.

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