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Global Tier1

R&D Management

Portfolio Manager

36 months

~30 employees

Successful series launch of several products in the powertrain area


OEMs and transmission manufacturers in the automotive passenger car sector are constantly searching for an optimum between cost, emission, weight and comfort. From the bouquet of mechanical transmission types, stepped automatic, dual clutch, continuously variable transmission (CVT, IVT and Toroid) and automated manual, the latter seems to be a very good mix of automatic mode and low production investment. In different niches (sports cars, vans and small cars) these transmission types are used. Thomas Schmidt is responsible as multi-project manager for the development projects of electric control units for this transmission type. His tasks include the coordination of all projects, the deployment of resources, the early detection of problems, risk management, coaching of the project managers and much more. During this time, several products are developed and successfully introduced into series production after approval. In addition, several prototype vehicles are built and marketed worldwide.

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